Camping Safaris


Shofu Safaris takes you around the most excellent places in Tanzania such as Lake Manyara which is well-known for its tree climbing lions, The Ngorongoro Crater which is recognized also as the Garden of Eden, Serengeti National Park which will provide you the chance to experience the BIG 5. Tanzania Budget Safari is a lovely experience because visitors are participating in a real African adventure, but still have all the services of safari drivers, guides, and a chef to make sure of all their needs.

Budget Camping Safari is the most budget friendly compared to others. Many visitors choose to stay in tents in order to be close to nature. So experience the magic of Shofu Safaris without breaking your budget.
Shofu Safaris is here to offer the best itineraries or get in touch to arrange a custom safari to suit your budget.

Fly Camping
Fly camping involves setting up small, temporary camps for a night under the stars.This is the ultimate safari experience an exclusive camp setup for you in a remote location for you to immerse yourself in the African wilderness totally

As the moon shines down and the noises of the African night begin. The sound of hundreds of wildebeest grazing and the sight of Zebra running from lions will have an indelible imprint on your memory. You will never get closer to a truly wilderness experience than this.Fly camps are the ideal end to a day’s walking safari or game drive, with many unexpected comforts – a canvas washbasin with hot water, fresh towels, hurricane lamps and delicious food cooked on the fire

This camp is setup on request and can be fitted in to any itinerary you choose with Shofu Safaris. All our camps offer this experience.

Luxury Camping
Luxury camping safaris mixes the best of the African bush with an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere. Tented camps are stationary and set up before your arrival, with a group of cooks, tent staff, waiters, drivers, and your guide, all there to make sure you experience the best in service, food, and high-end accommodation.The tents are roomy and comfortable, with a veranda in front and a bathroom with hot-water shower, washbasin and toilet directly behind the tent, bedside table, gas or solar lamps, chairs and a wardrobe for your clothing.Laundry is done daily.This is what luxury camping is all about.A large staff will ensure that your meals are gourmet and all your needs in camp are met.

luxury camping safaris is one of the more romantic safari options offered by Shofu Safaris


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