Cultural tours


Visiting Maasai Bomas In Ngorongoro
Tanzania’s people are among the most welcoming and approachable on earth with diverse and unique cultures ready to be shared with visitors. It is a rewarding experience to walk through scenic local resident villages with greatest Cultural landscapes in Africa. The World famous Maasai will share with you their age-old pastoralist heritage. Spend part of your time to meet friendly faces of Africa and learn about their ways of life

About 200 years ago the Maasai arrived and have since colonized the Area in substantial numbers, their traditional way of life allowing them to live in harmony with the wildlife and the environment. Today there are some 42,200 Maasai pastoralists living in the Ngorongoro Natioal Park with their cattle, donkeys, goats and sheep. During the rains they move out on to the open plains; in the dry season they move into the adjacent woodlands and mountain slopes.

Visiting The Cultural Heritage Centre
The Cultural Heritage Centre is a great place to discover and explore the cultures of the people of Arusha. The centre features a good collection of arts and artefacts that showcase the present and past stories of the tribes of Tanzania. You’ll find several attractions in the centre such as curio shops, jewellery boutique, Tanzanite and precious stone counter, art gallery, bargain centre and a restaurant. There are several shops selling arts and crafts, textiles, books, handmade jewellery, and African antiques; you can purchase some souvenirs for your friends and family. You can also have a taste of delicious local meals in Arusha at the restaurant on site.

Visiting National Natural History Museum
Located in the Old Boma – a former German colonial military complex, the National Natural History Museum features a collection of exhibits, which depict human evolution and historical findings. You’ll also see a display of a variety of insects, a collection of animal and plants photos on the wall – taken by a renowned photographer, Dick Persson. The museum also features the history of the German colonial administration in Northern Tanzania, you’ll have an opportunity to read facts and see photos illustrating the regime period.

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