Lake Manyara National Park is a super example of what the Rift Valley has to offer. The park sits at the bottom of the 600 meters high escarpment that is part of a tectonic crack that marks the entirety of East Africa, from Ethiopia to Malawi.

The park is truly a worthwhile destination which features some large and hard softwood forests, with towering figs and mahoganies, giving cool shade and cover for the game. As you move down into the park, you will come across the lake itself you will see Flamingos that feed along the edge of the lake, Buffalo and the wandering Elephants that are favorite of the Cape. From here, the park becomes more desolate, with hardy olive trees and boulders

Also Lake Manyara’s famous tree-climbing that Lions are another reason to pay this park a visit. The only kind of their species in the world, they make the ancient mahogany and elegant acacias their home during the rainy season. The national park is also home to the largest concentration of Baboonsyou can’t see anywhere in the world, a fact that makes for interesting game viewing of large families of the primates.


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